Quique Ojeda

Real name: Ojeda, Abraham Santos José
(1 November 1940 - )
Place of birth:
San Miguel de Tucumán (Tucumán) Argentina
True Name: Abraham Santos José OjedaDate and birthplace: November 1st, 1940, in the province of Tucumán.

e was born in the province of Tucumán. He started in 1960, combining his inclinations towards soccer and tango (he was player at Independiente club of Avellaneda) and teamed up a duo with Eduardo Borda in 1964.

With the Armando Cupo sextet he recorded his first double record in 1976. Later an LP with the orchestra of Alberto Nery in homage to maestro Juan Sánchez Gorio. In 1986 is requested by maestro José Basso and together with Eduardo Borda they recorded a long-playing record.

On television at Grandes Valores del Tango and several programs on channels 2, 7 and 11 of the city of Buenos Aires.

He made an important tour throughout Central America with the José Basso orchestra and, more recently, throughout Australia and several European countries, with his partner Eduardo Borda, as member of the company TangoX2, led by the great dancer Miguel Ángel Zotto and Milena Plebs, with whom he appeared at the teatro Alvear on Corrientes Avenue.

He appeared at the tango locals: Marabú, Tropezón, Siglo XX, Vos Tango, Tango Star, Le Tangó, Don Victorio, La Casa de Aníbal Troilo, El Rincón de los Artistas and many others.

He is author of the number “Equivocado pero por qué”, together with Pocho Corsaro and Aníbal Marconi.