Lorenzo Traverso

Real name: Traverso, Lorenzo Juan
Nicknames: Trompito
(5 September 1897 - 13 September 1952)
Place of birth:
Buenos Aires Argentina
Orlando del Greco

e was impresario of the Soleil Theater for a long time and that made him believe he had some authority to write plays to stage them in that venue. But he was not very lucky because he only premiered the one he entitled “Flor de fango [b]”.

The show business milieu was greatly influenced by tango and, not to be less, by 1924 he wrote the early ones: “Hasta la hacienda baguala”, with music by Manuel Aróztegui (“Champan Tangó”, “El apache argentino”) and “Pobre percanta”, with Manuel Jovés (“Patotero sentimental”).

He achieved a hit only with one. It was “Uno y uno”, tango with music by maestro Julio Pollero which was made popular by Tania in downtown theaters. When Carlos Gardel heard it sung by that great female singer, he decided to include it in his repertoire to later commit it to disc.

Born in El Abasto, neighborhood of the singer, he was acquainted with him since his young years but he never said he was his «saviour», or something of the sort, because the great Carlitos, after his death, had many ones who «helped» him and «made possible» his triumph.

Traverso was born in Buenos Aires (El Abasto) on September 5, 1897 and there he passed away on September 13, 1952.