Verminio Servetto

Real name: Servetto, Juan Tomás
(21 December 1885 - 26 January 1947)
Place of birth:
San Fernando (Buenos Aires) Argentina
Orlando del Greco

bohemian spirit, he lived a squandered existence; defeated by alcoholism, he wandered in this world until he sadly ended with his fate.

However, he was a learned man and everything he did was for his beloved town of San Fernando, since his young years: he directed vocational groups, wrote the plays that they staged, published writings in the journals of the area, the poems that were recited were his and everything done there had to have his approval. He was a true artist because he was also painter and draftsman, and furthermore he published some books.

Partner of Francisco Pracánico, who was the darling musician of the place and, attracted to tango, which by that time was the people’s passion and essence, he conceived the lyrics of some pieces for which the former had written their music. The first of them, “Madre”, is among the unforgettable songs.

This classic tango was followed by “Sombras”, well-known too, “Perdóname Señor” and “Pobres flores” which, all with music by the same composer, were recorded by Carlos Gardel. He surely might have been acquainted with the latter.

Servetto was born in San Fernando (Province of Buenos Aires) on December 21, 1885 and there he passed away on January 26, 1947.