Juan María Gutiérrez

Real name: Gutiérrez, Juan María
Poet, writer and politician
(6 May 1809 - 26 February 1878)
Place of birth:
Buenos Aires Argentina
Orlando del Greco

e was member of the Asociación de Mayo and on his own he migrated to Montevideo during the Rosas’s government.

He traveled to Europe and to countries of the American continent; he was constituent congressman in 1853; minister of the Argentine Confederacy and rector of the University of Buenos Aires.

He was, perhaps, the most complete man of Argentine letters of his time. In his oeuvre América Poética and El Lector Americano are, among others.

He collected his polished, passionate poems in 1869 and published a selection of them in a volume. Among them is Endecha del Gaucho which, with some arrangement by Gardel-Razzano, the duo recorded nearly fifty years later under the title “El moro”, after successive renditions.

In magazines and anthologies this song appears as written by Luis Blasco (Pichón). It is a mistaken statement because Blasco was a great criollo poet, author of quite beautiful décimas (ten-line stanzas) and hardly could he have signed somebody else’s works.

Gutiérrez was born in Buenos Aires on May 6, 1809 and there he died on February 26, 1878.