Alfred Nilson Fysher

Real name: Fysher, Alfred Nilson
(17 August 1871 - 1 January 1931)
Place of birth:
Esmirna Turkey
Orlando del Greco

rench artist and composer of English origin and born in Turkey.

He was an exceptional artist that spread his art around the world. He was in Buenos Aires in 1917, and made his debut at the Odeón theater alongside maestro Henry Enthoven on April 7 that year.

In 1922 he composed “Folie”, a famous French song that Carlos Gardel recorded backed by the Gregor Kalikian orchestra. “Un Peu D'Amour” is another of his songs; It was known here.

Fysher was born in Smyrna (Turkey) on August 17, 1871 and died in Paris (France) in January 1931.