Rogelio Ferreyra

Real name: Ferreyra Cadícamo, Rogelio
Lyricist and poet
(30 July 1911 - 15 January 1954)
Place of birth:
Buenos Aires Argentina
Orlando del Greco

ephew of the notable author Enrique Cadícamo, whose outstanding performance in the urban muse encouraged him to write some songs.

The first one fell into oblivion, but soon thereafter he released his first hit on the worldwide famous melody by Mabel Wayne, “En un pueblito de España” (In A Little Spanish Town). Years later he added “Pituca”, a tango he co-wrote with his uncle and which still is in vogue. Both songs were recorded by the always remembered Carlitos Gardel, whom he barely knew on Radio Prieto when his uncle Abelardo was its director from 1927 on.

Another tango of his was “Antes no eras así”, which was committed to wax by Charlo in 1930 and bears music by Udelino Toranzo, the violinist who composed the unforgettable “Jueves”. The other songs he published did not become known, “El taura [c]”, was among them. (We have to clear out that “En un pueblito de España” had several criollo versions; his was recorded by Charlo and by Gardel. The one which his uncle Cadícamo wrote was recorded in Victor by Agustín Magaldi; and Ignacio Corsini recorded in Nacional records the one written by his other uncle, Abelardo Ferreyra, who recorded it in Electra).

For a short time he run a music publishing company and was contributor in magazines.

He was a poet, an idealist, who was unable to devote himself to writing as he would have liked because Life carried him along other roads.

Ferreyra was born in Buenos Aires (Flores) on July 30, 1911 and there he passed away on January 15, 1954.