Alcides de María

Real name: de María, Alcides
Nicknames: Calisto El Ñato
(1848 - 21 May 1908)
Place of birth:
Montevideo Uruguay
Orlando del Greco

on of the historian Isidoro De María and father of the writer Enrique De María.

He founded with Orosmán Moratorio the criollo magazine El Fogón, the most popular of the genre in the Río de la Plata (River Plate) area, whose first number appeared in September 1895 and in which El Viejo Pancho, Elías Regules, Antonio D. Lussich, Javier de Viana, Martiniano Leguizamón, Juan Escayola, Domingo Lombardi, his son and daughter, Enrique and Aura, and many others, collaborated and displayed the best of them. Before that he had published his poems in journals and magazines.

As poet, above all, he evidenced feeling and charm by giving preference to heart over brain by means of simplicity.

His ten-line stanzas were widely spread in the River Plate countryside and have been sung by the different troubadours that populated both margins of the Río de la Plata as from 1900. Among them we have Carlos Gardel who recorded as estilos: “Qué suerte la del inglés” and “Amor criollo”. The latter, which was fragmented and with many arrangements, was made popular under the title El Pangaré.

He published the books Cantos tradicionales, Cantos y apólogos patrióticos, Poesías criollas and Preludio de dos guitarras, which was the first and was released in 1876.

De María was born in Montevideo in 1848 and there he died on May 21, 1908.