Guillermo Del Ciancio

Real name: Del Ciancio, Guillermo
Nicknames: Wills Williams
Bandoneonist, composer, lyricist and leader
(10 September 1895 - 30 June 1960)
Place of birth:
Buenos Aires Argentina
Orlando del Greco

is work did not stand out very much in the tango milieu nor did he pass through the ranks of the great orchestras but his effort in the service of tango brought him satisfactions.

With his music aggregation he appeared throughout the Patagonia and was based for a long time in Comodoro Rivadavia; much later when he was ill he taught bandoneon playing after his retirement in Burzaco (province of Buenos Aires).

By 1926 he wrote his first composition: the tango “Purretita” with lyrics by Juan Sarcione; other tangos he signed are “Güeyas de un querer”, “Una noche en la milonga”, “No te quejés hermano”, “La costurerita”, “Arañita”, “En la huella del dolor”, which were recorded by the best tango orchestras of that time and some of them were written in collaboration with good lyricists. But his hit, his boom, is “Giuseppe el zapatero” which was committed to record by Carlos Gardel.

He met the immortal singer when he was a teenager because he lived in the same neighborhood, El Abasto. When he gave him the tango piece he told him something like this: «Carlos, I’ve never bothered you about anything. But I think this tango is for you. Let me see it —answered Gardel—». And reading its lyrics, he said: «I like it, man. I promise I’m going to record it». Time later the record with “Giuseppe el zapatero” was released.

Del Ciancio was born in Buenos Aires (El Abasto) on September 10, 1895 and died in Burzaco (province of Buenos Aires) on June 30, 1960.