José de la Vega

Real name: de la Vega, José
(26 January 1892 - 18 May 1954)
Place of birth:
Barcelona (Barcelona) Spain
Orlando del Greco

he poem entitled “¡Te quiero!” published by the El Hogar magazine, in 1916, was the first of the many contributions in that and in other similar publications.

By that year he started writing popular songs when he wrote the words of the pasodoble “Alhambra” with music by maestro Ramón Coll.

Among the around fifty pieces he wrote there are some that bear music by Agustín Bardi, the great tango composer, and among them there is the immortal, “Madre hay una sola”. This tango is still alive due to the recording made by Carlos Gardel. He got acquainted with the singer in circles of common friends and he kept on singing it in coteries and meetings with people of the milieu.

He wrote several plays for theater: the first was in 1918, premiered at the Variedades Theater, was La décima musa and co-written with Francisco García Jiménez.

José de la Vega was born in Barcelona (Spain) on January 26, 1892, arrived in Argentina in 1912 and passed away in Buenos Aires on May 18, 1954.