José De Cicco

Real name: De Cicco, José Francisco Andrés
(4 April 1894 - 7 May 1955)
Place of birth:
Lobos (Buenos Aires) Argentina
Orlando del Greco

early all his songs he published bore music by Alberto Hilarión Acuña. They are around twenty tangos, waltzes, estilos and other things. But the one which reached certain acclaim was the tango “De salto y carta” that Carlos Gardel recorded due to his request because they had kept a certain friendship forged in singing and guitar circles. Ignacio Corsini recorded his waltz “Noche de tormenta”, with Acuña’s music and “El rosal de los cerros”, song with music by Eduardo Bonessi, that also were hits. Corsini recorded almost all his oeuvre.

He wrote plays for soap opera on radio and the novel in episodes Santos Vega, a free version about the well-known character. It was aired in 1958 on Radio Porteña by the Páginas argentinas group and was later staged in downtown and suburban theaters. It was his most successful play.

His first song was named “Mi has di quirer con cariño”, a zamba with music by Carlos Vicente Geroni Flores of 1924.

He indefatigably spent endless nights in circles with singers and folk guitars, putting aside his medical profession for a while.

De Cicco was born in Lobos (province of Buenos Aires) on April 4, 1894 and passed away in Buenos Aires on May 7, 1955.