Manuel Cuesta Silva

Real name: Cuesta Silva, Manuel
Pianist and composer
(28 September 1897 - 1 April 1956)
Place of birth:
Buenos Aires Argentina
Orlando del Greco

is liking for popular art led him to switch between his medical profession and the music staff and also to have friendly connections with people devoted to tango. Among his friends were Gardel and Razzano and, especially, the former whom he admired very much.

One day he went to the singer’s house, carrying an unpublished tango in his pocket, and told him: «Carlos, I have something that I want you to see; if it is worthwhile I’d like that you would record it, otherwise I’ll take it back home». Gardel held the paper Silva had given to him and after reading the lines he replied: «All right; I like the words, it’s something different. If Negro (Ricardo) likes it too, we’ll cut it». And so it was. The great singer recorded because he liked it and was also approved by his collaborators. It was the tango “Oh penas mías”.

Another tango of his that was recorded was “Agua mansa [b]” —Francisco Lomuto committed to disc by 1926— among around twenty numbers he composed but nearly all were unpublished.

Cuesta Silva was born in Buenos Aires city (Palermo) on September 28, 1897 and died in Bella Vista (province of Buenos Aires) on April 1, 1956.