Con Conrad

Real name: Dober, Conrad K.
(18 June 1891 - 28 September 1938)
Place of birth:
Nueva York (NY) United States
Orlando del Greco

orth American composer. He wrote, among many other songs, the quite famous “La canción del ukelele” (“Say It With A Ukulele”) which, in a Spanish version by Adolfo Avilés, Carlos Gardel sang and recorded.

In the visit of the Prince of Wales to our country in 1925, Gardel and Razzano went with him to a farmhouse in Huetel (province of Buenos Aires) in order to make his stay more pleasant with their country songs. The British Prince was surprised when he heard this well-known fox-trot sung by the great Carlitos.

Conrad was born in New York City (U.S.A.) on June 18, 1891 and died in Van Nuys (California) on September 28, 1938.