Enrique Carrera Sotelo

Real name: Carrera Sotelo, Enrique
(7 November 1898 - 12 April 1951)
Place of birth:
Buenos Aires Argentina
Orlando del Greco

round 1920 he began to write poetry which he published in some magazines, as it was very usual at that time. Time later he collected them in a volume with the intention of releasing them in a book with block letters, a dream that never came true. He was contributor to Caras y Caretas and La Capital of Avellaneda.

Connected to the music environment by José López Ares, in 1924 he came to know Carlos Gardel, and later became a friend of his because they were introduced by Juan Maglio (Pacho) in connection with the tango “Congojas [b]”, which a little time before they had co-written, to ask him to commit it to disc. A request that the great singer satisfied.

Years later Gardel recorded, among his compositions, the tangos “Patadura” with music by his brother-in-law José López Ares; “Esta vida es puro grupo” with the musical collaboration of Alberto Tavarozzi; “Chinita” with music by Eleuterio Iribarren.

Some of his hits were the waltz “Silenciosamente”, with music by Vicente Sipulla, which was recorded by Mercedes Simone; the song “Nieve viento y sol” with music by Antonio Molina, a boom by the Gómez-Vila duo; the tango “Milonguero viejo (Fresedo)” with the great Carlos Di Sarli which recorded Corsini, and among the 70 he filed in the record, the following deserved to be mentioned: “Flor de ilusión”, the first he wrote is a zamba with music by Nolo Parada and dates back to 1920; “Hasta cuándo”, “Para qué [c]”, “Vencida [b]”, “A la puerta de un alma”, “Presentimiento”, “Pa' ganarme un repecho”, the songs of the movie Canillita, etc.

He was a tenacious fighter for the Sociedad de Autores y Compositores and a heated adversary of Francisco Canaro when the latter was president of the Society.

For thirty-six years he worked at the Biblioteca Nacional (National Library) and, by being among books, he ended up as author.

Carrera Sotelo was born in Buenos Aires (Barracas) on November 7, 1898 and passed away in the neighborhood of San Telmo on April 12, 1951.