Eduardo Carrasquilla

Real name: Carrasquilla Mallarino, Eduardo
Lyricist, theatral writer and journalist
(31 January 1887 - 8 March 1956)
Place of birth:
Bogotá Colombia
Orlando del Greco

ven though he started in his fatherland, it was in Buenos Aires where he carried out his literary oeuvre and, occasionally, contributed to some magazines of Bogota, Cosmos, among others.

Frequent contributor to Caras y Caretas and other journals less known, he was correspondent in Europe and worked for the La Razón newspaper during World War I from 1914 to 1918. He published his tales in La Novela Semanal, El Suplemento, etc.

Either in verse or in prose he released several books. Among them are well-remembered: Visiones del sendero, El jardín de cristal, Los caprichos del amor, Cuentos y crónicas, Palabras vivas, Almas en pena, Mujeres de corazón, some of them published by the famous Editorial Garnier of Paris, France, a capital where he was known for having contributed to the Mundial magazine that was directed by the renowned Rubén Darío, who called him the American Quevedo.

He dabbled in the Argentine theater by premiering the play Almas en pena based on his book with the same name.

Encouraged by the boom of tango, he wrote the lyrics for “El brujo” composed by Juan Carlos Bazán, which was awarded the first prize at the contest organized by Nacional discs in 1925. Due to that it was recorded by Carlos Gardel. Another one is “Suspiros [b]” with music also by Bazán.

Carrasquilla Mallarino was born in Bogotá (Colombia) on January 31, 1887 and died in San Justo (Buenos Aires province) on March 8, 1956.