Virgilio Carmona

Real name: Carmona, Virgilio Ramón
Guitar player, singer and composer
(13 August 1895 - 12 July 1948)
Place of birth:
Rosario (Santa Fe) Argentina
Orlando del Greco

ike most of the singers of his time, he frequented neighborhood cafés and sometimes he dared to appear at a downtown venue, but it was a time in which singers and guitarists abounded in such a way that not all of them had space. Then he decided to make tours of the interior, Uruguay and other neighboring countries. His life was a sort of pilgrimage carrying his guitar on his shoulder. He appeared at the Parque Japonés in 1927 and premiered his best pieces.

In circles of songs and guitars, he came to know Carlos Gardel who later became his friend and even welcomed him at his home. That relationship made that the singer would commit to wax his beautiful tangos: “Y era buena”, “Pobre colombina” and “Ríe payaso”.

He used to say that when Gardel recorded “Pobre colombina”, in the second section the singer did not reach the intonation the author wanted and it ought to have. When listening together to the test disc he made him notice it and then the great Carlitos, downplaying it, suggested: «—No problem, old pal! We’ll cut it again!»
So he did and “Pobre colombina” was another of his many beautiful songs.

Besides the above three tangos, he published “Alma de mujer”, “Idilio en la selva”, waltzes; “Era de ley”, “En la ribera”, “El manisero”, “Sueño de carnaval”, “El romántico [b]”, “La guerra”, “El ladrón”, tangos, with some lyrics of his step
brother Falero, and the zambas “Al jardín de la República”, “Naranjos tucumanos” and “Debajo de la morera”. The latter was so popular that all the people at any time sang it. He also left an album with folk music pieces.

In his beginnings he played in typical trios; when he was a kid he played in the one led by Anselmo Aieta and appeared at the cafés of San Telmo.

Carmona was born in Rosario (Santa Fe province) on August 13, 1895 and passed away in Tucumán on July 12, 1948 where he was based for years.