Carlos Camba

Real name: Camba, Carlos
Nicknames: Hombre Pentagrama
Saxophonist, lyricist and composer
(29 September 1879 - 30 April 1928)
Place of birth:
Buenos Aires Argentina
Orlando del Greco

usic eccentric. Author, composer, manifold artist; he played an English concertina, saxophone, cymbals which he made sound by turning them on a marble piece, and he placed rattles on his feet, waist, wrists and head. Because of that he was called «music staff man».

He carried out his work in circuses, theaters and variety shows, either in the capital city or in the interior and Uruguay. For a long time he appeared at the Piambón Circus.

He was cousin of the renowned Spanish writer Julio Camba who died in Madrid in 1962. He put together again the Palos trio, a variety number, with his wife María Palos and his brother-in-law Pablo Palitos.

He was one of the close friends that Carlos Gardel had in the milieu, so much so that the latter recorded all his songs. It is not known a number of his that the Zorzal would not have sung: “Allá en la ribera”, tango, “Esas no volverán”, song, “Pasan las horas”, waltz, “Y si la ves dale un beso”, tango, with music of his own; “Misterio”, tango with music by Hugo Baralis; “Beso ingrato” and “Midinette porteña”, tangos with music by Rafael Tuegols, the great violinist and friend that committed to paper the melodies he created.

To the latter musician he dedicated an art photo on which he wrote: «To my good friend Rafael who one day told me that my poor music, inspired in the beautiful stanzas of Las golondrinas, deserved to be heard». Carlos Camba - Montevideo, March 3, 1919.

Camba was born in Buenos Aires on September 29, 1879 and there he passed away on April 30, 1928.