Julio Bonnet

Real name: Bonnet, Julio
Nicknames: Nelio Pujol
Guitarist, lyricist and composer
(17 February 1903 - 23 August 1971)
Place of birth:
Chacabuco (Buenos Aires) Argentina
Orlando del Greco

hen he studied medicine, which he quit in the fourth year, he began to frequent the, nocturnal and associated with tango, then narrow Corrientes Street and became friends with José Marí Rizzuti, Adolfo Avilés, Osvaldo Fresedo, Julio De Caro, Eduardo Bonessi, Hugo Ricardo Baralis, Rosita Quiroga, Azucena Maizani, among many others more. He also got in touch with Carlos Gardel and he used to talk about him mentioning some anecdote they lived together.

He was twenty years old when he wrote his early songs, that according to his statements, he assigned to musicians friends. Among them there are very famous ones that prevailed over time and, precisely, were recorded by Gardel: “Matala” and “Los ojazos de mi negra”, among others. The immortal singer committed to record “Desilusión” with music by Rizzuti. Among several ones we remember “Piedad”, another tango with Rizzuti, and “Marión”, fox-trot with Baralis.

He played guitar and read music and he even appeared on radio with different groups towards 1930.

Bonnet was born in Chacabuco (province of Buenos Aires) on February 17, 1903 and passed away in Munro (province of Buenos Aires) on August 23, 1971.