Edmundo Bianchi

Real name: Bianchi, Edmundo
(22 November 1880 - 29 November 1965)
Place of birth:
Montevideo Uruguay
Orlando del Greco

is career as playwright is long and his beginnings date back to 1910 when he premiered La quiebra in Montevideo and Perdidos en la luz, of 1913, in Buenos Aires. Nearly all the theatrical genres were approached by his pen, which also devoted good efforts to the musical comedy: Los sobrevivientes, El hombre absurdo, El oro de los mártires, Sinfonía de los héroes, De América a las trincheras, Mamita, El mago de Nueva Pompeya.

He carried out his literary work either in theater or in essay, poetry, history, critic, etc.

He wrote the lyrics of some tangos, but quite a few. The following were successful: “Pampero”, with music by Osvaldo Fresedo, and the worldwide famous “Ya no cantas chingolo (Chingolito)” which, with music by Antonio Scatasso, was sung and taken to Europe by Carlos Gardel whom he saw when he appeared at theaters but was never acquainted with him.

He was a worthy representative of the Uruguayan letters.

Bianchi was born in Montevideo on November 22, 1880 and there he passed away on November 29, 1965.