Héctor Behety

Real name: Behety, Héctor Benito
(21 March 1888 - n/d)
Place of birth:
Tacuarembó Uruguay
Orlando del Greco

e was one of those young upper-class boys with a handsome look who wanted to enjoy the charms of Paris in the late 1920s by frequenting the tango circles, mostly with people of the Rio de la Plata area, to showcase his skills as dancer and his foxy boy pranks as portrayed by his compatriot Carlos Lenzi in the tango “Araca París”.

Linked to the above circles he wrote the lyrics of the tangos “Ley criolla” and “Pobre Pancho” with music by Francisco Alongi and “Todavía hay otarios” with Manuel Pizarro’s music so that Carlos Gardel would sing them (he recorded the latter one). He was after Gardel on those days to fulfill his purposes.

In Uruguay some people said that Behety was the notorious Francisco Morrone or Alí Ben Amar de Sharpe (aka) Chicho Chico, but it is not true. Chicho Chico was killed in the second semester of 1932 at the house of Juan Galiffi (aka) Chicho Grande, Pringles 1255 in the Federal Capital, and Behety enrolled at the National Electoral Chamber as naturalized Argentine citizen on January 10, 1936 with the registration number 0.271.444 and establishing his domicile on Montevideo 250 (C.F.).

The one who says that there was another "Chicho Chico" lies blatantly. Even though his death is still surrounded by mystery, there were a lot of false stories.

Behety was born in Tacuarembó (Uruguay) on March 21, 1888.