Juan Carlos Barthe

Real name: Barthe, Juan Carlos
Nicknames: Pirulo
Pianist and lyricist
(22 April 1898 - 8 July 1952)
Place of birth:
Montevideo Uruguay
Orlando del Greco

fter experimenting with his poems, his early poems, in some magazine, he released his first song, the foxtrot “Palabras cruzadas” with music by Barreiro and Fernández towards 1926-27, precursor of the 35 he published.

His everlasting piece is “Gacho gris”, tango with music by Alejandro Sarni which became immortal through Carlos Gardel’s recording. He came to know the latter in his Montevideo hometown.

As musician his work was rather amateurish. His work on radio and theater was not carried out adequately.

Barthe was born in Montevideo on April 22, 1898 and there he passed away on July 8, 1952.