Joaquín Barreiro

Real name: Barreiro, Joaquín
Nicknames: Koenigsmark
Drumer, composer and leader
(11 May 1904 - 11 April 1956)
Place of birth:
Orense (Orense) Spain
Orlando del Greco

e carried out all his music career in his country and it was similar to most of the ones who fought for imposing our tango, with orchestras at balls, theaters, movie theaters, cabarets, radio stations and at any venue where they had the chance to appear.

His debut was in 1921 on that radio station in Montevideo which was called Paradizábal, a pioneering appearance on all the oriental waves.

His first number was the tango “Solterona [b]” with words by Luis Alberto Zeballos. Later he wrote “Ya es tarde”, “Timbero”, “Copando”, “No te hagás la interesante”, “Aquella vieja casa”, “La última ficha”, “Mi corazón”. But his hits are “Farabute” and “Un año más” which, with lyrics by Antonio Casciani, were committed to disc by Carlos Gardel. With the latter he spent unforgettable times at the Café Tupí, a place where artists used to meet in the Uruguayan capital and where the singer, every time he crossed the River Plate, used to go.

«I always admired Carlos Gardel», answered he when asked if he admired the Zorzal.

Barreiro was born in Orense (Spain) on May 11, 1904 and passed away in Montevideo on April 11, 1956.