Don Aspiazú

Real name: Aspiazú, Josto
Pianist, leader and composer
(1894 - 1943)
Place of birth:
Orlando del Greco

y the time when tango was nearly the King in Paris and criollo musicians and players from other nations crowded that city, other musicians that had arrived from other lands also brought their rhythms to the City of Light trying to make them fashionable. Among them, the Cubans were the most fortunate.

Among those pioneers was this bandleader who made smash hits. That influenced Carlos Gardel and his collaborators to include him and his orchestra in the motion picture Espérame shot in Joinville (France) by Paramount films, on a script written by Alfredo Le Pera, directed by Louis Gasnier and starred by Gardel, Lolita Benavente, Joyita Herrero, Jaime Deveza, Manuel París and others.

Horacio Pettorossi and Juan Cruz Mateo with his Argentine tango orchestra were also included. The songs belonged to Gardel, Le Pera, Mario Battistella and Carlos Lenzi. Among them was “Por tus ojos negros” with music by Aspiazú; 1932.

Aspiazú was born in 1894 and died in La Habana in 1943.