Francisco Aranaz

Real name: Aranaz, Francisco
Nicknames: Aznar o Panchito
Pianist and actor
(1885 - 12 August 1944)
Place of birth:
La Habana Cuba
Orlando del Greco

e was an artist of relevant skills, popular and loved by audiences and partners.
Born into a family of actors, he arrived in Buenos Aires around 1900 from Cuba with a theatrical company led by relatives of his. After settling in the Reina del Plata, he made his debut in 1903 at the Comedia Theater with Jerónimo Podestá.

He joined a large number of casts, and had his own when he put together the De Rosas-Aranaz-Arata team, in 1917, at the Excelsior Theater.

After thirty years of uninterrupted work on the stages of Buenos Aires city and many ones of the interior on different tours, he settled in Montevideo where, besides playing at theaters, he appeared on the radio.

It is worthwhile remembering the Dramática Rioplatense and the Rivera-De Rosas companies with which he made tours of Brazil in 1915 and of Spain in 1923, respectively, because Carlos Gardel and his partner José Razzano took part in them, strengthening even more the old-time friendship that had united them. In fact, he was a close friend of Gardel’s, with whom he shared hard times in Brazil and hits in the Fatherland.

He headed a variety show group at the Ateneo Theater in 1928, and signed with the pen-name Aznar the ones he staged: A Pedir de Boca, Si la va... la va..., La Nueva Revista.

At a young age he was attracted to music and he started to compose around the year of the centennial celebration with the tango advertisement “Pa la pelada... Pilol”, others are “Macachín flor de los llanos” which was recorded by Gardel on his comeback after the above tour of Spain; “Amor cuyano”, a zamba that recorded Mario Pardo; “Melenita negra”, a tango committed to wax by Roberto Firpo, likewise “Quisiste cachar un gil”; “Milonga vieja”, a great milonga recorded by Juan D'Arienzo.

Aranaz was born in La Habana (Cuba) in 1885 and passed away in Montevideo on August 12, 1944.