Julio Aparicio

Real name: Aparicio, Julio
Guitarist, singer and lyricist
(7 January 1898 - 17 October 1937)
Place of birth:
Buenos Aires Argentina
Orlando del Greco

n excellent player that forged himself in the criollo circles in the golden era of the song of Buenos Aires, where he started by 1920. The singing of those balladeers also made him singer and he teamed up in some duos to appear in a large number of venues like La Querencia and El Parque Goal, both on Avenida de Mayo, a famous garden house in Parque Centenario, cafés, movie theaters, etc.

With the Aparicio-Ricardi team he reached a wider acclaim and in that task he was backed by a group of criollo dancers mainly led by his mother-in-law, the expert Juana Bando.

He appeared on radio and managed to cut some recording.

He had a friendly relationship with the great interpreters, especially with Carlos Gardel and Agustín Magaldi; precisely the same day he died the latter was appearing at the Marconi Theater in a festival to raise funds for him because of his illness. As for Gardel, the latter signed an autograph on a photograph and wrote the following: «To my great friend Julio Aparicio. Affectionately. Carlos Gardel». Due to that friendship he recorded his “No llore viejita” after the request of his peer that he could not turn down.

The Magaldi-Noda duo, that he sporadically accompanied with his guitar, recorded the chilena “Gaucho fiel” by 1930.

“Con olor a piquillín” is a chacarera of his that was fairly known, among some other pieces.

Aparicio, was born in Buenos Aires on January 7, 1898 and there he passed away on October 17, 1937.