Príncipe Van Holland Rodenburg

Real name: Van Holland Rodenburg, Príncipe
Poet and writer
(n/d - n/d)
Place of birth:
Orlando del Greco

oet and Brazilian writer.

Despite the hard search made to find his oeuvre, it was of no avail but it is known that he wrote books and contributed for journals and magazines.

By 1920, maybe 1921, he visited Buenos Aires (seemingly, he was in La Reina del Plata on other occasions) and delivered some lyrics he had written for a lady of the Buenos Aires aristocracy to the Gardel-Razzano duo. Those lines musicalized by the duo into a zamba air are called "Las penas que me das" and were published for the people by specialized magazines known as Canciones Populares, by the editor Ramón Gómez.

This writer seems to belong to the Royal House of Holland.