Emilio Falero

Real name: Falero, Emilio Ramón Donato
Poet and lyricist
(12 December 1887 - 25 November 1933)
Place of birth:
Buenos Aires Argentina
Orlando del Greco

e was a police employee and was drawn by popular music, especially, tango, because besides being stepbrother of the well-known songwriter Virgilio Carmona he played mandolin. Then combining inclination and virtue, with Carmona himself he published his numbers by 1927. The first one was the waltz “Idilio en la selva”, and the tangos “El manisero” that Corsini recorded; “Era de ley” recorded by Firpo and the all-time hits “Ríe payaso” and “Pobre colombina” that Carlos Gardel committed to disc.

He had a friendship with the great singer and because he was a great admirer of his art he deliberately went wherever he appeared with the excuse of taking care of the order.

By 1929, after the singer recorded “Ríe payaso”, he visited Gardel to thank him that attention. He went with his son, still a child, whom Carlos lovingly kissed and gave him candy while saying: «This is the best tango my friend made... I hope he goes on like this...». But he did not write songs anymore.

Falero was born in Buenos Aires on December 12, 1887 and there he passed away on November 25, 1933.