Augusto Espinosa

Real name: Espinosa, Augusto
(1887 - 3 April 1951)
Place of birth:
Villa Mercedes (San Luis) Argentina
Orlando del Greco

mateur lyricist. He belonged to the tango gang of the Lomuto brothers, which as well included Luis de Tejería, author of the tango “Muñeca”, also an amateur songwriter and inseparable friend. (Those were times with many tango gangs).

Author of the lyrics of the tango “Llorá hermano” with music by Enrique Lomuto which in 1925 was awarded the fifth prize for its music at the contest organized by Nacional records.

When the composer realized the public acclaim it was achieving, because it had been recorded by the best orchestras of that time, he handed the sheet music to the great author José González Castillo so that he would add lyrics to it.

After several days Castillo gave back the music saying that he was unable to satisfy him; it was then that when he met his friend he let him know the situation. The latter, a little pensive but determined, told him: «All right, look; you know I’m not a poet, but if you want I’ll try to write it myself». And so he wrote that nice tango that later Carlitos Gardel would record.

Espinosa was born in Villa Mercedes (San Luis) in 1887 and passed away in Venado Tuerto (Santa Fe) on April 3, 1951.