Alberto Calvera

Real name: Calvera, Alberto
Pianist, composer and theatrical producer
(21 May 1896 - 24 March 1974)
Place of birth:
Baeza (Jaén) Spain
Orlando del Greco

heatrical impresario. His father was owner of the Mayo Theater and time later he became its entrepreneur and also he rented the Argentino. Thereafter he managed the Liceo.

When he was a kid he studied piano but he soon quit. However, he kept a good ear for everything with a musical interest and so he composed four tangos, a ranchera and a pasodoble that a niece of his committed to the music staff. But he only published “Pensalo bien”, tango that when it was awarded with the second prize at the contest organized by the recording company Nacional in the late 1929, was recorded by Carlos Gardel, Ignacio Corsini and other artists.

About the unforgettable singer he said: «I came to know Gardel around 1926 or 27, I don’t remember well, and it was at the River Plate soccer field when it was located on Alvear Avenue and Tagle. He was very fond of horse racing and that day he was in the company of the owner of the San Carlos horse stable, Mr. Carlos Soarez, who was also a friend of mine and introduced me to him. We were together about an hour and I was pleased with his charm and naturalness in spite of his great popularity.

«That day a soccer player was not doing well and I told him: "If that guy played like you sing he would have scored at least two goals". To which he replied: "Well, but don’t forget that I’m helped by the guitarists"».

Calvera was boun in Baeza (Jaén, Spain) on May 21, 1896 and died in Buenos Aires on March 24, 1974.