Miguel Cafre

Real name: Cafre, Miguel
Singer, guitarrist and composer
(25 March 1881 - 18 November 1936)
Place of birth:
Buenos Aires Argentina
Orlando del Greco

e began to sing and to accompany himself in his childhood. When he was a teenager he studied singing and as a professional he made endless tours of the interior of Argentina and Uruguay.

Very often he appeared at the well-remembered Parque Goal on Avenida de Mayo where the most famous payadores (itinerant singers that used to improvise lines) and on different radio stations, among them Nacional where he also appeared in a radio soap opera.

An endless list of cafés where criollo singing was worshipped, among them El Pacífico of Boedo, and theaters like the Atenas, were venues that witnessed his true merits. He sang teaming up as a duo with his wife, and they were known as Los Cafre.

A friend of Gardel’s at the time when they were both unknown, once he went out with the former and said to his relatives «So long» but returned two months later. They had surely been singing in so many guitar parties that later forgot to come back!

A prolific author, but he did not publish the large number of pieces he wrote. The one that did not fall into oblivion is “Tabernero (El tabernero)”, a tango he co-wrote with Raúl Costa Oliveri and Fausto Frontera and was recorded by Ignacio Corsini and Carlos Gardel.

Other ones: “Ojos verdes”, zamba; “Penas y alegrías”, tango; “Ojos azules”, waltz; “Trova doliente”, “Sacrificio criollo”, “Una cualquiera”, tangos, etc. etc.

Cafre was born in Buenos Aires (Floresta neighborhood) on March 25, 1881 and there he died on November 18, 1936.