Ana María Ottati

Real name: Ottati, Ana María
Singer, composer and lyricist
(12 April 1968 - )
Place of birth:
Buenos Aire Argentina
Federico García Blaya

prolific self-taught creator, she began to sing tangos when she was four on the little streets of Buenos Aires, at cultural, school and family parties. At that age she had the privilege of singing at the program emceed by Juan Carlos Mareco El Tango del Millón, in which she was given the second position at the contest.

In her teen years she appeared singing in TV programs, among them, the iconic Grandes Valores del Tango, to great acclaim. She was also at different Buenos Aires venues: Café Tortoni, Café de los Angelitos, Casa del Tango, Casa de Carlos Gardel, Academia del Lunfardo, among others.

She studied singing with teachers like: Héctor De Rosas, Livia Barboza, Roxana Valente and she as well studied theater.

She was at several events at the Casa de Cultura de Ramos Mejía and at the Centro Cultural San Martín, at the Parque Avellaneda, etc.

She won the first prize at the Certamen «Hugo del Carril» (2005), organized by the Gobierno de la Ciudad de Buenos Aires, for her song “Me gusta Buenos Aires”. In 2008 she was awarded the Mención Especial at the same contest for her tango “Un viento azul”, with lyrics by Marta Pizzo.

She is a teacher in grade school, and also author of poems and tales for children, composer of songs for children and actress.

She also writes literature for adults. At the Botica del Ángel she presented her latest book for adults Palabras para mi ser… Un bálsamo de amor, which includes poems, phrases and 18 songs with her own words and music; among those pieces there are several waltzes. She also presented it at the Feria internacional del Libro.

She appeared at the event Otoño de letras, as tango singer, along with the poets Nora Coria and Marta Pizzo, organized by the Subsecretaría de Cultura of the Municipality of La Matanza.

As singer she has appeared at recitals and on radio stations and was invited to sing with the orchestra led by Andrés Linetzky.

She takes an active part in Claudio Durán’s Las perlas del Tango, and continues writing, composing and singing her tangos, with much sensitivity and enthusiasm.