Alfredo Arrocha

Real name: Arrocha, Alfredo E.
Singer and lyricist
(2 September 1910 - 5 February 1965)
Place of birth:
San Martín (Buenos Aires) Argentina
Néstor Pinsón

e stood out by appearing and singing in radio soap operas, so popular by that time, and also in the movies and theater. He was always in roles as lead actor and singer.

He was born in the city of San Martín on the northwest border of the city of Buenos Aires. From his beginnings he was a soloist singer, sometimes he was backed by Héctor Stamponi.

In a radio program on Radio Belgrano Estampas Porteñas, he was acquainted with the actress Lucha Sosa with whom he married soon later. It was one of the first weddings which was broadcast live, with a storyline behind which was told on the radio.

He had many appearances in theater, but in the movies he was only in a few films. He appeared alongside peers like Chola Luna, Osvaldo Moreno, Herminia Velich and Mercedes Carné, among others.

In 1947 he shared the bill of the Teatro Apolo with Chola Bosch, along with Gregorio Ciccarelli, Leonor Rinaldi and Tito Luisardo.

Some outstanding pieces of his repertoire and which achieved a certain acclaim were: “Seguí mi consejo”, “Huérfano”, “Garufa”, “A media luz”.

There is not much more that we can say about this correct artist, who today is completely forgotten.