Carmen Berisso

Real name: Berisso García, Carmen Alicia
(n/d - )
Place of birth:
Federico García Blaya

he began between 1977 and 1979, singing at the events organized by the Universidad del Trabajo del Uruguay, at the Bachillerato Técnico en Administración de Empresas of the neighborhood of Cordón (Montevideo).

Between 2004 and 2006, she appeared at the season Artes y Letras Costa de Oro, organized by Margaret Luzardo and declared as of Cultural and Touristic interest in the department of Canelones. She was accompanied by maestro Homar Rubens Núñez on guitar. She also appeared in other localities of that region of Uruguay, like Atlántida, Parque del Plata and Balneario Solís.

For a decade (2004-2013) she was part of the season Municiparte, organized by the Town Hall of Montevideo so that its officials would show their artistic gifts. She sang tango, folk music and ballads backed on guitar by Homar Núñez and, in folk songs, by the musician Juan Olivera.

In 2011 she founded the group called TangoX4, singing at Mundo Afro and, the following year, she put together a popular music group with the players José Luis Yabar and Ignacio Talavera. At the same time she appeared several times with the accompaniment of the guitarist Petrocceli and, on other occasions, with the guitarist Ignacio Talavera.

She appeared as guest artist, accompanied by Esteban Toth (bandoneon) and Tito Etchebarne (piano) in the city of Montevideo and at the Bar 29 de Julio in Lagomar (Canelones).

Among the many tango venues of Montevideo, she performed at the El Milongón, invited by Gabriel Scarone, as soloist (2012), at the Mercado Abundancia invited by Néstor Espíndola on several occasions; at the Alto Palermo Aguada invited by Gabriel Scarone with the TangoX4 group and as soloist; at the Vía Bar, accompanied by maestro Mario Díaz; at the Su presencia; at the Bar Modelo, accompanied by Luis Esquivel.

She was a frequent appearance as guest singer at the Bar Victoria, accompanied by maestros Roberto Abitante and Ricardo Aguinaga, as well as the mythical Fun Fun, accompanied by Lucho Martínez. Also at the Galpón Oriental, invited by Nery Nelson to pay homage to Maestro Enrique Gómez and, some months later, at the homage to Gustavo de los Santos.

She was invited to radio and television programs, like Gustavo en la madrugada, emceed by Gustavo de los Santos on Radio Rural AM 610 and Entre mates y guitarras, directed by Eduardo Monteverde on A+V cable channel, accompanied by Mario Díaz.

The Perfiles del Tango group, presided by Miguel Gadea, invited her to sing tangos at the institution. She was also at the event to pay homage to Julio Sosa at the home town of the singer, Las Piedras.

In February 2014, she was awarded the prize Mérito Nacional a la Cultura, at the Centro Artístico y Cultural El Galpón Oriental de Montevideo. That institution yearly awards outstanding artists of Uruguay and Argentina, mainly tango people.

The following year, in July 2015, her first CD entitled Tanguez de mi alma was released, which was sponsored by the great singer Nelson Lagos. Published through an independent label, she was accompanied by Mario Díaz and Ricardo Aguinaga. The album was presented at the Café La Humedad, in Montevideo.

In 2016 she made appearances at the Joventango venue and took part at the homage paid to the singer Néstor Epíndola, at the Café La Humedad.

In March 2017, Carmen Berisso appeared along with Nelson Lagos at the Centro Cultural de Pando, in the Tango y Milonga gala during the Semana de la Cultura of that city of the department of Canelones.