Andrea Missé

Real name: Missé, Andrea
(10 August 1976 - 2 January 2012)
Place of birth:
Buenos Aires Argentina
Gustavo Benzecry Sabá

he was the eldest of five siblings and was born in Villa Urquiza, or, but we’d better say, she was born for dancing. From an early age she studied folk music dancing with Santiago Ayala aka El Chúcaro and Norma Viola, until around the 90’s when she started in tango.

«When I was eleven Carlos Rivarola came to our studio, and due to curiosity we began to take classes with him. Later he took us to the Sunderland, where we watched a live dancing performance on a track and a milonga (dancehall) with a very familiar environment, and we loved it».

Then she used to go to school in the morning while, with her mother, she went to milongas in the evening. At the same time, she took classes, furthered her technique and graduated as choreographer.

Thereafter she would work with Antonio Todaro, she would study Italian culture at the Dante Alighieri and translation at the Universidad de El Salvador. In late 1990 she founded the Tango Danza company, along with her partner Leandro Palou and in 2001, also with him, the Tango in Action school in London.

Time later, she switched to dancing with Javier Rodríguez and imposed a traditional tango and the beauty of walking in Europe. Andrea emphasized the embrace, the music embellishment and that grace which earned for her the deserved sobriquet which nobody will be able to steal from her: La Princesa del Tango (The Princess of Tango).

Teacher, dancer and researcher of tango dance. He is author of Nuevo Glosario de Tango Danza, La Pista del Abrazo, Tango FAQs and Los Legionarios del Abrazo – Historia del tango danza 1800-1983. /