Negro Falótico

Real name: Falótico, Leandro
(7 October 1977 - )
Place of birth:
Chivilcoy (Buenos Aires) Argentina

subtle singer, with a strict respect for lyrics and melodies, his style endeavors to transmit and make us feel each story in its essence.

He has appeared in a wide variety of venues in this country and abroad singing tango. With an intelligent choice of repertoire he interprets classic pieces of the genre while he faces the commitment of recreating contemporary composers and lyricists.

He is the staff singer of the trio and the Orquesta Típica (tango orchestra) led by Rodolfo Mederos and the Amores Tangos group. He also sang with the Sexteto Mayor, the Selección Nacional de Tango, the Orquesta Nacional de Música Argentina «Juan de Dios Filiberto», Dúo Pane-Rivas, the Camerata Almagro, the Quinteto Viceversa, the Orquesta Típica Almagro, Jorge Giuliano and alongside peers like Guillermo Fernández, Noelia Moncada, Hernán Genovese, Hernán Cucuza Castiello, Ariel Ardit, among others.

He traveled abroad making tours of Asia, Europe and America as singer of the Selección Nacional de Tango and the Orquesta Típica de Rodolfo Mederos.

In Buenos Aires he appeared at shows at different venues of the tango milieu: Madero Tango, Tango Palace and Ópera Pampa. He is as well the singer and narrator at the shows staged by the prestigious and archetypal Ballet Brandsen.

In 2012 he released his first album as soloist Hace tiempo, in an independent label. His second album, also produced by him and published in 2016, is entitled Primero, después y al fin, homage to Homero Expósito and Virgilio Expósito, approaching some of their classic pieces and others scarcely broadcasted. For the choice of repertoire he made a research, by interviewing relatives and friends of the composers, and tracking down information about their personal lives and artistic careers.