Marcos Brizzio Córdoba

Real name: Brizzio Córdoba, Isaac Marcos
Composer and lyricist
(7 October 1900 - 23 May 1946)
Place of birth:
Ceres (Santa Fe) Argentina
Roberto Vozza

saac Marcos Brizzio Córdoba was, undoubtedly, a figure in the life of the musical art of Santiago del Estero in the 20s, in the twentieth century. He was born in Ceres (Santa Fe), on October 7, 1900. His father was an Italian and his mother was an Argentine born in Santiago.

He arrived in the city because of labor matters –he was a post-office employee- around 1920 and, soon, he evidenced his strong artistic spirit and gifts as entrepreneur among the young to encourage the spreading of tango and so he became an outstanding player and promotor.

He reached popularity with the famous estudiantina (student music group) of the Colegio Nacional in 1928 and by spreading his enshrined piece: the tango “Mienten”, one of the numbers he wrote.

That juvenile group, also, was widely successful and had a great impact, not only in Santiago, with three appearances at the Teatro 25 de Mayo, but also in La Banda, Añatuya, Tucumán and Salta.

He played piano by ear and, among his compositions, besides the consecrated “Mienten [b]”, there were other tangos like: “Tango santiagueño”, “Gallinita”, “Gotas de acíbar”,” Mujeres frívolas”, “Acuarelas del recuerdo” and “Y qué te quedó varón”.

Because of his bright spirit he was known as Bulincito and he and Washington Buasso Lépori, a renowned pianist from Rosario who by that time was based in Santiago, were the ones responsible for the music of that well-remembered student music group.

His job made him move to Córdoba years later where he joined a tango quartet which was known as Latinoamericano.

There he was associated with the writer and musician Efraín Bishof who wrote the sheet music copies of his pieces to be filed in the official record in SADAIC.

Brizzio Córdoba married a girl from Santiago, Alicia Esther Loto, and had a sister named Silvia, who was also a piano player.

His death took place in Córdoba, when he was still young. It was on May 23, 1946 and his remains were buried at the San Vicente cemetery.

Isaac Marcos Brizzio Córdoba left, for those generations of the early decades of the last century, a memory that lasted for an important period in the music and the art of Santiago del Estero because “Mienten [b]” was the first tango born in this province. This piece was recorded by Roberto Firpo, for the Odeon label, on September 2, 1929, with the vocalist Luis Díaz as refrain singer.

We thank his daughter Martha, who lives in Santiago del Estero, for providing us with information.