Ana Sofía Stamponi

Real name: Stamponi, Ana Sofía
Singer, composer and lyricist
(7 April 1982 - )
Place of birth:
Buenos Aires Argentina

er music career began at home, when she was a child, alongside her grandfather (Héctor Stamponi) and her mother (Aída Stamponi) who taught her to sing and to play her early notes on piano. She was always accompanied by her family, who gave her all the support she needed to develop her musical interests.

Later, at age 16, she studied piano with Etelvina Chinicci (pianist and harpist in the Orquesta de Tango de Buenos Aires). In 2001 she joined the Uruguayan female vocal group which plays candombe and murga named Las Cuarenta, led by Alejandro Balbis, and appeared for three years and a half at different theaters and cultural centers.

She began her singing training with Pepa Vivanco. She also sang tango teaming up as a duo with the pianist Aída Stamponi. She continued studying singing with different educators and singers like Mónica Galli, Alejandra Cañoni, Livia Kopman, Patricia Campos and Roxana Peralta, and she especialized in the Functional Vocal Method by maestro Eugenio Rabine.

She studied guitar with Laura Estivill, Pedro Rossi and at the Escuela de Música Popular de Avellaneda. She also studied theater with Alcira Serna and later with Irina Alonso.

Between 2004 and 2008 she was member of a female vocal sextet for the music of the River Plate area known as La Percanta (escucho voces), led by Alejandra Cañoni, with which she appeared at cultural centers and theaters of Buenos Aires city.

Besides her music studies, due to her interest in the social processes of history, she studied and graduated as Bachelor and Professor of Sociology in the Universidad de Buenos Aires.

She started her career as soloist accompanying herself on guitar, composing her own songs in folk and tango styles. As leader and arranger she fronted the folk music orchestras of the SAT-SAID union.

Later, with Juan Manuel Padilla on guitar, she put together the Dúo Stamponi-Padilla, and sang in So Abra, a folk-fusion band.

In 2013 she joined the Tres Tres Folkore group, on guitar and vocals, and the Dúo Stamponi–Di Sanzo, along with Javier Di Sanzo, with whom she recorded the tango and folk music album El último café, and as soloist she presented her songs singing and playing guitar.

Since 2012 she has been member of the Trío Almagro, along with the guitarists Nico Pérez and Lucas Cabello, appearing at different events, barrooms, cultural centers, schools and festivals. In June 2013 her first EP Trío Almagro TANGO was launched.

Besides being a singer, she is instrumentalist, composer, arranger and singing teacher, and also teacher of sociology in art schools and universities.