Adolfo Muzzi

Real name: Muzzi, Adolfo
Violinist and composer
(19 May 1897 - n/d)
Place of birth:
Roma Italy

e was born in Rome (Italy) in the late years of the nineteenth century. In his early gigs as violinist, he used to appear at the La Marina café, on Suárez and Necochea, in the neighborhood of La Boca.

One evening at that venue, Bachicha Deambroggio heard him and liked what he was doing, so much so that he recommended him to Roberto Firpo, who hired him and with whom he stayed for more than five years, from 1919 to 1926, in the string section which included Elvino Vardaro, Cayetano Puglisi, Octavio Scaglione, among other virtuoso violinists.

Thereafter he joined the Trío Victor along with Ciriaco Ortiz (bandoneon) and Eduardo Pereyra, aka «El Chón» (piano).

From 1926 and for many years, around twenty, he played in the Osvaldo Fresedo orchestra, with which he traveled to Europe.

In 1928, he had a short tenure in the Carlos Di Sarli sextet, with which he recorded for the Victor label. Furthermore, he accompanied the female singer Helena Valdez and played in a large number of recordings of nearly all the orchestras until the forties.

As composer, his tango “Pilchas viejas” stands out.