Mariano Balcarce

Real name: Bergamino, Mariano
(1910 - 1951)
Place of birth:
Buenos Aires Argentina
Néstor Pinsón

is mother, Élida Silva, was music teacher and his father was the well-known guitarist and composer Juan Bergamino, author of the tango “Joaquina”, dedicated to Joaquina Marán, a peculiar woman who stood out for her nonchalance at that time.

He began at a very early age with singing and stood out due to his skills, so much so that it was noticed by Pedro Maffia who, in the early 1934, dissatisfied with his boys, put together a new orchestra which made its debut in May.

That group included Pedro Maffia (bandoneonist and leader), Ángel Maffia, Carlos Demaría and Héctor Presas (bandoneons), Nerón Ferrazzano (cello), Tito Besprovan and Unamuno (violins), Juan Trombino (piano) and Mariano Balcarce (singer). That same month, Balcarce recorded the tango “No aflojés” on one side, and on the other side, a bailecito air: “De tu casa a mi casa”.

The following year he joined the group led by Augusto Berto and, later, he joined the Orquesta Típica Victor. With the latter he recorded “Déjame vivir”, on September 7, 1937 and “Milonga de los fortines”, on September 28, 1937. On the same date, they cut the waltz “Siempre tuya seré”. But there is doubt if it was released.

To end this short portrayal, we came to know by reading the journal El Diario of the province of Entre Ríos, February 13, 2016, in a note about Mrs. Juana María Gaggino (who in May 2015 celebrated her 103th birthday), she recalled scenes of her long life, among them, that she had married a tango singer from Buenos Aires named Mariano Balcarce. She also said that he was the first singer who appeared on the LT14 radio station which had opened in 1940. She stated he had died in 1951, very young, when he was only 41. She also said that when he passed away, their son was only one year and a half old. The kid also turned out a tango singer and appeared on the radio several times.