El Tano Elegancia

Real name:
(n/d - n/d)
Place of birth:

round 1935, he lived with his female partner Lina, who was vitrolera at a café in Palermo, in a tenement house on Gorriti Street, between Bulnes and Sadi Carnot (today Mario Bravo).

He used to boastfully say in his cocoliche jargon, that he was the first one, El Cachafaz was the second and Tarila, the third.

Translator’s note: Cocoliche is an Italian-Spanish macaronic language that was spoken by Italian immigrants in Argentina (especially in Greater Buenos Aires) between 1880-1950. Vitrola is a linguistic deviation of the original name (Victrola) and the woman who played it at the cafés was known as vitrolera.