Francisco Alongi

Real name: Alongi, François Henry
Nicknames: J. C. Mendozino
Pianist and composer
(27 December 1889 - 12 March 1970)
Place of birth:
Tunez Tunisia
Orlando del Greco

is identification with tango dates back to the time of our pioneers in France whose names were Güerino Filipotto, Celestino Ferrer, Víctor Lomuto, Eduardo Arolas, Manuel Pizarro, Luis Cosenza, Mario Melfi, Eduardo Bianco, and Bachicha, among others.

He was precisely the first pianist of the Bianco-Bachicha tango orchestra when it was put together back in 1925 in Paris; thereafter he joined the aggregation led by Eduardo Bianco, the Bachicha-Ferrazzano orchestra, one which was fronted by the above mentioned Pizarro and other orchestras formed by Argentines or simply by Europeans that were enroled in tango with which he toured Europe.

Among the many kinds of music he played he composed several tangos in collaboration with Bianco, Behety, Poyales, Ramírez, etc. and published the ones entitled “Casita mía”, “Corazón triste”, “Locuras”, “Pobre muñequito”, “Penas de amor [b]”, “Juventud [b]”, “Celos [c]”, “Un consuelo”, “Acordate nomás”, “Trapos viejos”, “Canyenguera”, “Pebeta de mi barrio”, “Ley criolla” and the one with which Carlos Gardel made an outstanding rendition: “Pobre Pancho”.

He became acquainted with Gardel at El Garrón in 1928 where he used to play with Pizarro. Other famous Parisian venues where he played tango were called Florida, Palermo, La Michodiére, Washington Palace, Empire, Moulin Rouge and Villa Rosa.

He run his own publishing house with which he helped to make tango widely known in France.

Francisco Alongi was born in Tunisia on December 27, 1889 and passed away in Cannes (France) on March 12, 1970.