ith a father born in Calabria who was also a tango fan, Patricia made her debut at age six by singing at the Teatro Roma of Avellaneda, accompanied by her brother Tini on guitar. Rosita Pestile, Néstor Fabián’s mother, was the one who organized these festivals in Avellaneda.

Her parents very much encouraged her and her brother. Her brother is music teacher and composer. He also plays keyboards and bass. Jovita Luna was Patricia Vel’s sponsor.

She appeared on television in a program emceed by Laura Escalada, El Bochinche. Followed later by Buscando la voz tanguera and Grandes Valores del Tango. She appeared at the program emceed by Lionel Godoy aired by ATC, La noche con amigos.

She recorded her first album with the outstanding musician Omar Valente with whom she worked at the tango venue called Sabor a Tango.

She appeared at the La Casa de Carlos Gardel for six years and contributed to its organization. She recorded a CD with Virginia Luque, Roberto Rufino and Hugo Marcel in which she included “Afiches” and “Tan sólo sé que somos dos” by Héctor Negro and Juan Antonio Morteo.

In 1997 she appeared in Sabor a Tango alongside Atilio Stampone, Néstor Fabián and the Carlos Buono quartet.

She was part of the CD Tango de los patios de San Telmo Volumen 2, which included several artists like Beba Bidart, Ruth Durante, Marcela y Fernanda, Soledad Del Valle, Silvia Gaudín, María Eugenia Darré and Elba Cristian. In this CD Patricia Vel recorded the pieces: “Y te parece todavía”, “Soñar por la vida”, “” and “Rebeldía”. This CD was published in 1998.

That same year she recorded the CD Pasional - Los éxitos de Patricia Vel, released by the Música & Marketing label.

She appeared with the Orquesta Nacional de Música Argentina «Juan de Dios Filiberto», conducted by Oscar De Elía.

She made tours of Japan, Los Angeles, Brazil, Colombia. She was nominated twice for the Martín Fierro award and became a quite popular figure for tango audiences.

In 2000 she took part along with artists in the CD Tango, with the song “Cuánto dolor”, accompanied by the Beba Pugliese orchestra.

In 2001 she was in Galería del Tango, with the show Noches en azul y blanco along with Daniel Olivera. That year she also appeared at the Festival Baradero 2001.

In 2005 she sang at the Teatro Roma of Avellaneda along with Nelly Vázquez, Juan Montalvo and Carlos Paiva. Months later she was awarded a special mention at the Club de Pescadores (Fishermen’s Club) of Mar Del Plata, at the Faro de Oro awards.

Between 2006 and 2008 she appeared at different shows along with renowned artists and sang “Tan sólo sé que somos dos” in the album Todos para el tango, Volumen 1, in which several artists took part. This CD was released to pay homage to Lionel Godoy. In August 2008 she sang at the Teatro Colón of Mar Del Plata with the Orquesta Municipal de Tango.

She has been soloist with important orchestra leaders of our country, like Omar Valente, Raúl Garello, Osvaldo Piro, Atilio Stampone, Roberto Pansera and Néstor Marconi, among others.