Octavio Scaglione

Real name: Scaglione, Octavio Juan
Nicknames: Piscoto
Violinist and composer
(16 March 1902 - 8 November 1974)
Place of birth:
Génova Italy
Néstor Pinsón

e was born in Italy, from where he traveled to Argentinain the beginnings of the twentieth century.

He was one of the musicians with the longest career in tango.He played with the sextet led byCayetano Puglisi which around 1923 usedto appear in some movie theaters and, on several occasions,he joined the orchestra that Puglisi put together.

Later he switched to the Roberto Firpo orchestra with which he stayed until 1926. Some of his bandmates were then Cayetano Puglisi andElvinoVardaro.

Thereafter he joined the Pedro Maffia orchestra, to later switch to the one fronted by Antonio Bonavena.With the latter he recorded 72 tracks for the Columbia labelbetween 1930 and 1932.

According to what the record collector Jorge Favettopointed out in 1964, Scaglione was one of the six players that accompanied Gardelin some recordings of 1930/31, the others were: Luis Riccardi, Ángel Ramos, Federico Scorticati, Cayetano Puglisi andOlindoSinibaldi.

Later,for around 30 years,he played along with Francisco Canaroand joined the QuintetoPirincho, from 1937 to 1964, appearing in all the recordings made by that group.

He was one of the musicians that traveled to Japan with the Francisco Canaroorchestra, around the late October 1961, and made their debut in Tokyo on November 1, at the Koma Theater.