Antonio Volpe

Real name: Volpe, Antonio Amado
Bandoneonist, leader and composer
(14 April 1923 - 18 November 2015)
Place of birth:
Punta Alta (Buenos Aires) Argentina
José Valle

is bandoneon teacher was José Antinori. The first group with which he played, in 1936, was the Cuarteto Sosa, led by Aníbal Sosa, a pianist of Punta Alta.

In 1938 he began to work at the Puerto Belgrano Naval Base, in aviation, until 1984 when he retired.

In 1939 he put together the Orquesta Típica Ritmo de Juventud with which he appeared at all the venues at that time and on the radio stations LU2, LU3 and LU7 of Bahía Blanca. That music group played until 1968.

The avant-garde movement in tango music and the influence of Astor Piazzolla were gaining followers and consolidating a style, which led him to form, along with his son Víctor Volpe, on piano, the Trío Contemporáneo. This small group was well received by critics and audiences in Buenos Aires. With it, in 1984, he recorded the album Matices de mi ciudad, which he presented at El Viejo Almacén, traditional tango venue in San Telmo.

In 1981 he put together the Grupo Volpe Tango Contemporáneo and, eight years later, with this ensemble he recorded a new album, Más allá de la costumbre and, in 1990, Tango del Ángel.

Several of the pieces –co-written with his son Víctor-, were included in that release, and they had a wide acclaim in the mass media. Different radio programs have used “Más allá de la costumbre” and “Ciudad de asombro” as their theme songs, just to mention some.

«Víctor is great. He does what nobody does. In the case I had to play with another pianist, I would awfully miss him. When we are onstage, sometimes we play two solos. Will you imagine it? There must not be many who enjoy that pleasure», he used to say about his son.

In 1996 the group was invited to appear at a festival in the Universidad Católica of Santiago de Chile. They also appeared in Barcelona and in La Paz (Bolivia), on several occasions.

As a soloist, in 1996, he appeared as bandoneon player in the city of Fermo (Italy), along with the Orquesta Sinfónica Provincial de Bahía Blanca (Symphony Orchestra of the province of Bahía Blanca).

From 1946 he was member of the Sociedad Argentina de Autores y Compositores de Música (SADAIC) and from 1984, of the Asociación Argentina de Intérpretes.

Because of his fruitful career, he was awarded on several occasions. He was awarded the Premio de Honor 2006 by the Dirección de Cultura of Coronel Rosales and was declared Ciudadano Ilustre (Honorable Citizen) by the Concejo Deliberante of that district in 2008.

Furthermore, he was awarded the Senador Domingo Faustino Sarmiento award by the Senate of the Nation, and also an award for his career given by the Centro de Estudios y Difusión de la Cultura Popular Argentina (CEDICUPO).

He played at the celebration of the centennial of the birth of Aníbal Troilo, at the Teatro Municipal of Bahía Blanca, on July 25, 2014, in a great event produced by the season Bahia Blanca No Olvida (Bahía Blanca does not forget) emceed by the journalist Marcelo Guaita. At that celebration, he was member of the Homenaje a Aníbal Troilo orchestra, led by his son Víctor, which included 14 first rate players, and Gaby (La Voz Sensual del Tango) and Pablo Gibelli on vocals, plus the dancers Natalia Gastaminza and Gustavo Rodríguez. On that occasion, the above orchestra played pieces of the Aníbal Troilo’s repertoire, in their original charts.

He passed away at age 92 in his hometown.