Violeta Desmond

Real name: Argerich, Ana
(1906 - 4 January 1983)
Place of birth:
Buenos Aires Argentina
Néstor Pinsón

n 1928 her starting point in show business took place at the theater. She appeared on the stages of the Maipo, Porteño and Sarmiento, among others.

Thereafter she was interested in singing and so she joined the casts of different radio stations. She linked her name to the one of her sister Lydia Desmond when they put together a widely acclaimed duo that appeared in the best shows of the period, with Juan Canaro and with Pedro Maffia.

With Juan Canaro and her sister recorded the waltz “Amor es amar” (1934). In 1936, with Julio De Caro, she and her sister recorded the waltz “Pienso en ti” for the Odeon label.

She appeared in the movie Radio Bar (1936), directed by Manuel Romero.