Lidia Desmond

Real name: Argerich, Lidia
(1907 - n/d)
Place of birth:
Buenos Aires Argentina
Néstor Pinsón

er beginnings were in 1926, joining theatrical groups under the direction of Arturo De Bassi.

In 1928 she appeared, with her sister Violeta Desmond, in a comedy at the Teatro Maipo: Ivo Pelay’s Juventud, divino tesoro.

They made tours of the interior of the country and in the Capital at the most important comedy theaters like the Porteño, Sarmiento, Maipo and Avenida.

She devoted exclusively to singing, teaming up as a duo with her sister and appearing on different radio stations in Buenos Aires.

Both singers made a well-remembered appearance with the Juan Canaro orchestra at the Cine París and with Pedro Maffia, later.

The sisters recorded the waltz “Amor es amar”, with Juan Canaro. Lidia recorded the same waltz with the Francisco Canaro orchestra and the singer Ernesto Famá.

They also recorded the waltz “Pienso en ti” with Julio De Caro for Odeon in 1936.