Fabio Hager

Real name: Hager, Fabio Gabriel
Bandoneonist, leader and composer
(n/d - )
Place of birth:
Buenos Aires Argentina
Silvina Damiani

e is an outstanding musician with a long career. At an early age he began his bandoneon studies with Domingo Mattio, who was member of the Aníbal Troilo orchestra, who recorded among other things, the album Troilo For Export, volume 1.

He also studied harmony, counterpoint and composition with Pedro Aguilar. After 1989 Hager represented our country on important international tours. His first destiny was Brazil, followed later by Canada, Germany, Switzerland, Taiwan, Japan and the United States (Vermont – Stowe), where with his sextet he presented the show I Tango, sponsored by The Argentine Tango Society.

His tango imprint reflects a strong adherence to the roots which is combined with avant-garde concepts and original music arrangements. About this, we may highlight his work as music director of different shows and recorded productions. He has made the soundtrack of the film Tango for money, of Barcelona (Spain); he was music co-director in Stravaganza Tango and at the show Encanto Rojo.

Fabio is also a musician requested by the towering tango venues in Buenos Aires: Sabor a Tango, Señor Tango and El Viejo Almacén are examples of that.

It is worth mentioning his appearance as member of the group Sexteto Sur from its beginnings in 1989 until 2003.

He frequently traveled to Japan but without putting aside his tours throughout the Argentine Republic, where he has captivated the audience at the Festival Maipú Tango 2010 in the province of Mendoza 2010, among others.

He has received several awards among which Estrella de Mar (Mar del Plata, 1998) and Premio Min On to Culture, awarded in Tokyo (Japan), 2012, are worth mentioning.

As composer “Encanto rojo” stands out. This tango shines because of its newness and because it unveiled a new sound. Furthermore, it is one of the pieces chosen by the dancers who take part of the different contests of Tango Danza. In fact, “Encanto rojo” was the tango chosen no less than by the two dancing couples that won at the Mundiales de Baile of Tango Buenos Aires 2009 and Cali 2008. In 2014 this composition shone again at the Campeonato de Tango de Manizales (Colombia), and was danced by the winners of it: Katherine Laiton and Victor Villa.

Also, recorded productions like Zona de Riesgo and Valses, both productions sponsored by The Argentine Tango Society, in which there are careful arrangements, virtuoso performances and an appealing repertoire. The arrangement of “Ojos negros [b]” (Dark Eyes), a Russian song, of the romanza genre, is a true state-of-the-art and tango tour de force.

In his latest album, Logia Tanguera, published in 2015, Hager opens up to the interpretation of his compositions: “De apile”, “Lumière” and “Épico”, pieces marked by the aesthetic soundness of this composer who, from his porteño neighborhood of Villa Urquiza, presents himself as one of the examples of our urban music.