Lucas Cozzani

Real name: Cozzani, Lucas
(7 January 1982 - )
Place of birth:

ozzani is an Argentine singer based in Brazil and who has devoted himself to singing tango professionally since 1999.

Son of Argentine immigrants who moved to Brazil, Lucas Cozzani approached tango at a very early age. It was surprising that a seven- or eight-year-old kid was a tango fan that early.

He studied music with maestra Valderez Medina Ferreira, a pianist and choir conductor, and began to sing when he was very young.

At age 17 he decided to premiere his first tango show in Brazil which was called Tango… La voz de Buenos Aires, with the accompaniment of piano, bass, violin, and other songs with guitars. From the start the show was very successful and he began to be recognized in the tango milieu of Brazil.

He was in touch with other Argentine musicians based in the city of São Paulo (Brazil), where he began to sing in tango venues of that city and where he met and worked with important tango figures of that country, like the bandoneonist Oldimar Cáceres and the guitarist Ricardo Sorondo. He appeared in São Paulo in tango venues for a period of around 8 years and was recognized and applauded as the best tango interpreter in activity in Brazil.

In 2005, in the city of Mar del Plata (Argentina), where he has relatives and many friends, Lucas Cozzani was acquainted with maestro Julio Dávila, conductor of the Orquesta Municipal de la Ciudad de Mar del Plata, who invited him to sing with the orchestra at the Teatro Colón. Since then he has kept that friendship and on many occasions Lucas appeared with that orchestra as guest singer, whenever he visited that city.

In 2010, in Brazil, he came to know the Brazilian maestro João Carlos Martins, one of the most famous classical musicians in the world who, as pianist, was once regarded as the best interpreter of Bach in the world. Now maestro João Carlos Martins is the conductor of the Orquesta Bachiana Filarmónica, an orchestra with around 70 players with which the singer Lucas Cozzani appears in Brazil, always with a tango songbook that goes from Carlos Gardel to Astor Piazzolla.

In 2014 he recorded his CD entitled Mi verdad… mi tango…, twenty-two deluxe songs of the tango repertoire with different orchestral settings and the guitar group led by Rafael Brescia.

Lucas Cozzani is, at present, a renowned representative of our urban music in the beloved Brazilian land.