he studied music at the Conservatorio Nacional «Carlos López Buchardo», harmony with Lito Valle and violin with maestros Lierko Spiller, Alberto Varadi and Rafael Gintoli.

She has appeared in performances and recordings alongside rock artists like Charly García, Soda Stereo, Fito Páez, Willy Crook, Diego Frenkel, Kapanga, Nito Mestre, Pedro Aznar, Celeste Carballo and Miguel Cantilo; also with artists of the level of Mercedes Sosa and the tango singers Raúl Lavié, Amelita Baltar, Rubén Juárez, Alberto Podestá, María Graña and Cacho Castaña.

With different music groups she also backed dancers like Julio Bocca, Maximiliano Guerra, Eleonora Casano and Iñaqui Urlezaga.

As violin player she made appearances with different orchestras under the direction of maestros Atilio Stampone, Osvaldo Piro, Rodolfo Mederos, Néstor Marconi, Luis Stazo, Osvaldo Berlingieri, Walter Ríos, José Luis Castiñeira de Dios, Orquesta Nacional de Música Argentina «Juan de Dios Filiberto» , Orquesta Sinfónica Municipal de Avellaneda and with many tango groups like El Desquite, Cuarteto Buenos Aires, Cuarteto Le Grand Tango, Quinteto Buenos Aires Express, Las Tangueras, Sexteto Sur, among others.

Since 2001 she has been appearing with her group at the local Esquina Carlos Gardel, being musical director of the show with which she made international tours (Brazil, Chile, Colombia, Honduras, Costa Rica, Nicaragua, El Salvador, Russia). She also appeared with her music ensemble in different shows like Tango Solo Tango, Solo Tango El Show, and was in charge of the musical direction of the above shows, appearing at prestigious theaters in Buenos Aires as well as at important theaters in Moscow, Brazil, Peru, Latvia, Los Angeles, among others. In early 2007, fronting a seven-piece orchestra, she was a boom in Japan and Taiwan on a tour that lasted nearly 90 days and which meant an unprecedented success.

She was the musical director of the show at the venue Tango Porteño, and led the tango orchestra that appeared at that local.

She wrote and recorded the original soundtrack and was the musical director of the movie Homero Manzi (Un poeta en la tormenta), a documentary directed by Eduardo Spagnuolo, which was premiered on September 24, 2009. A CD was released with the soundtrack of this film, featuring the singer Jorge Guillermo.

Another venue of Buenos Aires in which she appeared was Clásica y Moderna, where she appeared with her group as an octet setting.

As for her recordings, we highlight her appearance in the albums by Las Tangueras (1994, 1995 y 1997). She was member of the group that backed Amelita Baltar in the album Referencias (1999) and De todos los tangos (2000).

As leader of her groups she cut the albums: Tango Guinness (2004), Solo Tango El Show (2005), Stylish Tango (2006), The Music (2009).

Source: Érica Di Salvo web site