Néstor Ray

Real name: Raiano, Salvador Pedro
(19 April 1945 - 22 May 2003)
Place of birth:
Villa Ballester (Buenos Aires) Argentina
Gustavo Benzecry Sabá

alvador Pedro Raiano was born on April 19, 1945, in Villa Ballester, at the edge of Buenos Aires. His name was Salvador but he was known as Néstor Ray. The Néstor he acquired in prison, having taken on a conviction for his younger brother's thievery. Later, his rebellious attitude landed him in a juvenile rehabilitation center in Zapala, where he learned the trade of a tailor.

It is said that at the age of nine he danced chamamé and ranchera, among other couple dances; somewhat later, rock 'n' roll and swing dancing captivated him.

Nevertheless, his training in tango dance began in the clubs, watching the old guys practice. At 17 he was winning competitions in Salón-Fantasía in Estudiantes, the Club Almagro, and in the Augusteo, among others.

Many years later he gave exhibitions with Patricia García, in milongas and on the TV show La Botica. One day the actor Robert Duvall saw him and brought him to the USA. Néstor toured the west coast and a great number of European countries.

Apart from on youtube, you can see him in the movies La patota argentina, Tango Bayle Nuestro, and The Man Who Captured Adolph Eichmann, with the same Duvall.

He taught so many famous people in Hollywood, that he was dubbed The Teacher of the Stars. It was a title consistent with his history: his life itself was like a movie.

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