Rosendo Pesoa

Real name: Pesoa, Rosendo
Guitarrist and composer
(30 August 1896 - 26 April 1951)
Place of birth:
Buenos Aires Argentina

e began to play guitar at a very young age and by the time he was a teen ager he was in touch with other peers like Oscar Alemán, Manuel Parada, Rafael Iriarte, and several others, who tried to give the guitar an important role in tango groups.

In 1926 he went to Europe with Rafael Iriarte to back up the female singer Linda Thelma.

They returned in 1927 and, with Iriarte, they teamed up as a duo to cut records for the Victor company. They also included the violinist Agesilao Ferrazzano. As duo, they recorded the tangos: “El cuatrero”, “El entrerriano”, “La cumparsita”, “Para siempre [b]”, the waltz “Montecristo”, the zamba “Cariñitos” and the pericones “Libertad” and “Pericón por María”; and as trio with Ferrazzano: “Cuando tú me quieras” and “Don Esteban”.

For over twenty years he was member of the guitar group that backed the career of the singer Ignacio Corsini. He started along with José María Aguilar, and his brother Froilán Aguilar, on occasions, and later with the guitarists Armando Pagés and Enrique Maciel. This group also recorded instrumentals.

He accompanied, together with guitar players like the above or Diego Centeno and Vicente Spina, a large number of male and female singers such as Rosita Quiroga, Agustín Magaldi, René Ruiz, Emilio Roca, etc.

In 1950 he joined the guitar group that included Armando Pagés, Adolfo Carné, Achával and Milton, who backed up Edmundo Rivero in his launching as soloist singer.